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Photo: Ripening Olives

In the Biblical lands, winter is the time of the olive harvest. And on Palm Sunday, the faithful carry the evergreen olive branches as a token of the promised victory:
Christ is risen indeed!

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Orthodox Christian Inspiration
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The ancient Christian Way is a source of blessings, joy and inspiration. And each one of us is invited to enter that heavenly treasury, even here and now ...

But how do we do that? How do we find, and then keep and increase, that unspeakable treasure – truly a ‘pearl of great price’?

These pages are dedicated to that path, with texts and sayings, publications and related material of Orthodox Christian inspiration.

With love in Christ,      
+ presbytera Anke

Overview & recent additions
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maran atha - marana tha

While at the first Coming of the Lord the encouraging word resounded, ‘the time [of the promise] is fulfulled’, concerning his Second Coming resounds the exhortation, ‘the time is near’...

This twofold aspect of the life of the Church – already rejoicing in the presence of the Lord, and at the same time looking forward to the fulness of His eternal Kingdom – is also reflected in the exclamation ‘Maranatha’. Through the long ages of the Tradition of the Church this has usually been spelled ‘maran-atha’, i.e. ‘Our Lord has come’. But variant manuscripts show also another, meaningful word-play: ‘marana-tha’, which changes this old confession of faith into a prayer: ‘Our Lord, come!’

Prophecies concerning the last days speak about a particular kind of famine, namely the famine of the word of God. And in our days, although we are being inundated with a flood of words of all sorts, how few of those answer to the deepest needs of heart and soul. Confronted with this reality, and living with the longing for the word of God, the wish grew to share this treasure – to the measure of our possibilities, limited though they are – in the joy that He has come indeed, and in the longing for His Coming Again: Maranatha!

sharing with care

For a website dedicated to sharing, it seems natural to encourage readers to share with others whatever inspires them. However, time has shown that online social media can be problematic in this respect: Such network-services sometimes claim rights (about using and spreading information) that go much further than one would expect in normal social exchange.

Here, therefore, on the one hand the invitation to share with all your heart whatever inspires you on this website with your ‘friends and relations’. But on the other hand, the request to be careful how you handle any such material - on account of copyright, as well as concerning subjects and/or details which may be public, but thereby not necessarily for any kind of use!

As an old poem puts it (with thanks to Laura Ingalls Wilder; here also in PDF):

If wisdom’s ways you wisely seek,
Five things observe with care.
To whom you speak,
Of whom you speak,
And how, and when, and where.

(Written down by Ma Ingalls, as related in
Laura’s book ‘Little Town on the Prairie’)


One way to share what inspires us in a more direct way and with more control, is via our personal email-contacts. This can be done easily with the email-button () > bottom left on most pages.

Click this and allow that your email program will be opened. This creates a new message which will automatically show the correct web-address of that page, to which you can add your own message. Then you can send your email in the usual way.

Aside: Begging your pardon for the following reminder, but … also in this respect, it is no more than basic politeness to be careful ‘to whom, of whom, and how, and when, and where’.

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BEHOLD, the BRIDEGROOM cometh in the middle of the night

+ Mesonyktikon, cf. Mt.25:6

about this site

This website is the work of an Orthodox Christian: matushka (or: presbytera/ preoteasa) Anke Arnold-Lyklema. For ‘the world’ a Dutch woman, married to an Englishman. For the Orthodox Church, the wife of a priest.

Together we have moved internationally several times over (actually, more than we would have liked). However, in the Orthodox dioceses where we found ourselves - whilst travelling or when living there - we have enjoyed the local traditions and hospitality of various Orthodox peoples, and we are grateful to all those who have shared with us the riches of their faith and wisdom.


Through the years, especially in contact with the traditional Orthodox world and various Orthodox monasteries and monastics, the awareness deepened of the unique Treasure of the Orthodox Church.

As mentioned above, in the comments on the word Maranatha, the wish grew to share these riches.

In that respect this website serves as a little introduction, a tiny porch online, for whoever is seeking for inspiration from the ancient Christian Faith.


With gratitude we present here, first of all, the works of Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou) – a spiritual son of Elder Sophrony of Essex (+1993), who himself had been a close witness of the life and words of Saint Silouan the Athonite (+1938).

As Bishop Basil (Essey) of Witchita commented, in these works “we have ... received something precious; we are participating in Tradition in a very ‘existential’ way.”

Besides the books in Dutch translation, the publications page now also contains links to material in English (books and audio), some of which is freely available online.

A few words can be found also in the section Words of Life, on a dedicated page with Words from Archim. Zacharias.

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