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When preparing our first editions we discovered how, despite the greatest care, some errors again and again escape notice, even after a thorough revision by several readers.

Therefore via this page the possibility to download some of the most important corrections concerning our own publications.

Below some details about the revisions, with links to the PDF’s.

Please, forgive our imperfection!

English naar het Nederlands

Errata AD 2014/15 – for books
printed before February 2015

This revision only touches a limited number of copies of three titles: ‘Christus, onze Weg en ons Leven’, ‘De verborgen mens des harten’, and ‘Gedenk uw eerste liefde’.

Tiny typo’s have been corrected without further ado. But some details are of more importance to the reader, wherefore here an overview of those corrections per book, which you can view and download in PDF >> see the links on the left.

If you acquired one of these early books, please see that document – if you like, print it and attach the sections inside the cover of each book.

How to recognize the corrected version?

The corrected version is distinguished by the overview of works by Archim. Zacharias in Dutch translation, printed on the last page but one. This overview was not included in the earlier books.

EN: Errata AD 2014/15
with notes in English

NL: Errata AD 2014/15
entirely in Dutch

Heaven and earth  shall pass away but MY WORDS  shall not pass away

+ Mk. 13:31

Errata AD 2019 - Bookmarks in PDF

Taking care of a number of errors, found in the (free) PDF’s previously posted on this site.

Simply download the revised version via the links on the left.  Or, if you like, go to the actual page > Bookmarks ‘All we...’

How to recognize the corrected version?

The corrected version is dated on the title page: Pascha AD 2019

Set of 24 Bookmarks
ed. Pascha AD 2019

Set of 24 Bookmarks
- with cutting marks

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