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Summer: 15 May- 30 October

Winter: 9 Jan - 9 Feb

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season! Usually, orders
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Titles from Maranatha House are available worldwide via a network of associated printers. Books are printed POD, that is, as soon as they are needed.

Our titles can be obtained via the usual channels >> see listprices & distribution

Ordering via the publisher can be worthwhile for larger orders.** However, do make sure to order timely, especially on account of the Christmas season!
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#ref02 NEWS !! = Struggling with the new  print prices? We have managed some new Standing Offers for larger orders > see the PDF further down this page = God-willing, later this  year some new books from our own hand ...

All TITLES FROM MARANATHA HOUSE can be obtained via the usual channels, see below for a overview of listprices and distribution-partners.

Ordering from the publisher is particularly worthwhile for larger orders an option in development.
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The book “Weest ook gij uitgebreid” was published by another publisher ...

For this first publication in Dutch, please contact the publisher: Uitg. Orthodox Logos, Tilburg NL >> website


Our titles can always be obtained via the usual channels. However, for orders directly from Maranatha House there are two ordering seasons. So, please order timely, especially for the period around Christmas.

Ordering seasons at Maranatha House:

Summer: 15 May- 30 October

Winter: 9 Jan - 9 Feb

NB: Usually, orders coming in late can only be processed during the next ordering season.

Late anyway?
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The official images (front and back) of the six Dutch titles by Archim. Zacharias, published by Maranatha House

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