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Below, first of all, an introduction to the works by Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou), a beloved witness of Orthodox Christianity in our own times.

For further details of his works in Dutch translation >> see the bookpage.

Besides, now also information about his works in English, including original recordings
>> see the links below
>> or go directly to the dedicated page

One contemporary representative of living Orthodoxy is Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou), priestmonk and spiritual father at the Orthodox Monastery of St. John the Baptist in Tolleshunt Knights, Essex, U.K.

By his words, written and spoken, he has shared with us the teaching he received at the feet of his elder, Archimandrite Sophrony (Sacharov), who himself was a spiritual son and first biographer of Saint Silouan the Athonite (1886-1938).

Talks and Books

Besides his first written work – Christ, Our Way and Our Life (in Dutch: Christus, onze Weg en ons Leven) – many of his talks have also been turned into books, by now translated into several languages. Several of these books were based on consecutive series of talks, at the invitation of Bishop Basil of Wichita.

The third one, Remember Thy First Love (in Dutch: Gedenk uw eerste liefde), addresses one of the central themes of these teachings, beautifully summarized in the introduction by Bishop Basil:


“In [this book] Archimandrite Zacharias enjoins us to live in remembrance of our First Love, or in other words, to draw ever nearer to God …

He outlines for us the three stages of the spiritual life as he shares with us the teaching of Elder Sophrony, who followed the path trodden by St Silouan. He describes the first stage as a visitation of the Divine Spirit, which encourages man to conclude a covenant with God. The second stage consists of a long and arduous struggle through God’s providential withdrawal of His grace; it is during this stage that we learn the painful truth about ourselves as we are instructed in the ways of the Lord by the Holy Spirit. The last stage involves our reacquisition – this time for all eternity – of the inalienable grace of salvation.

… take careful note of every detail … a salvific map by which to travel, drawn by experienced guides, St Silouan the Athonite, Elder Sophrony and Archimandrite Zacharias …”

>> more about the Dutch editions (with excerpts in Dutch)

>> links to these books in English


With gratitude we present here seven works by Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou) in Dutch, translated from the original languages (Greek and English).

More about his work? >> see the introductory page, with site-links to all details per book (and excerpts in Dutch).

In Dutch also some further background of the author and his spiritual forefathers >> NL: Achtergronden

Titles in Dutch

Note: Some of the original talks are available in mp3, a number of which can be found freely online >> see here (links)


For works by Fr. Zacharias in English,
see the following sections with web-links:

>> Books in English

>> Original Recordings

Also available:

>> Words by Archim. Zacharias (multi-lingual)

download as pdf, see > Orthodox Wisdom, English

Below a few links to PDF’s from this site. Freely print them at home and, if you like, share them again with others.

But please, do respect the copyright of all those involved: The material offered here is only for personal, non-commercial use. Do you wish to do more with it? Then please take up contact with the appropriate persons.

Texts from Archim. Zacharias in Dutch

By means of introduction, at the publication of his books in Dutch: A complimentary copy (in PDF) of two chapters from his works, which can also be read independently >> see here

Printables: Illustrated Words

The section ‘Words of Life’ includes pdf’s for easy printing at home. You can find the PDF-links at the bottom of each album page. See the main page for an overview of albums and details index >> Words of Life

Special editions (multi-lingual)

Apart from ongoing series like the above mentioned ‘Words of Life’, the site offers occasional specials for home-printing. Among these some series of Bookmarks, a selection of Christmas cards and general stationery. See:

>> Printables (overview with site-links)

download as pdf, see > Orthodox Wisdom, English download as pdf, see > Orthodox Wisdom, English

Colouring Pages

A few calligraphic designs in colour are also available as colouring pages.

See ‘Traces on the Way’ > Little Reminders

Different publishers

The book 'Weest ook gij uitgebreid' was published by Orthodox Logos, Tilburg 2014. The other titles from Archim. Zacharias in Dutch, presented on this page, were published by ourselves - with the imprint ‘Maranatha House’.

Errata 2014-15

Did you get one of the publications of Maranatha House before February 2015: 'Christus, onze Weg en ons Leven', 'De verborgen mens des Harten', or 'Gedenk uw eerste liefde'? On this page a PDF with a few corrections >> Errata

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Direct links: BOOKPAGE:  Archim. Zacharias: Works in Dutch ORDER ONLINE (weblinks) FOR YOUR BOOKSHOP:  Special offers, info & contact DUTCH ONLY >> NL: ACHTERGRONDEN  (about the author and his spiritual forefathers)
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