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IN GENERAL: About privacy and (not) advertising

This site is first of all personal, for the sake of sharing what might be inspiring or useful.

Of course, we sell the books we have published, and we may include information about other works we think worth mentioning.

But we do not take part in any advertising schemes for third parties, we are not paid for mentioning third party products or services, nor do we follow your traces online.

Any personal details you yourself provide, we will use to communicate with you and/or to serve you as required.

Below some further details:

PRIVACY: What do you do with my personal details?

There are a few occasions, when you yourself provide us with information:

When you contact us, we will add the necessary details to our addressbook, in order to be able to communicate with you.

When you order from us, those involved in carrying out the order will be provided with the necessary details – including any third parties (for example: those involved in packing, post and delivery, or in processing the financial side of the transaction).

When you include a link to our site on your own website, the webhost automatically includes that webaddress to the overview about site-usage.

Note: If you showed an interest in our work and/or Orthodox publications in general – in your contact with us about the matter, maybe even buying our work – we may send you the occasional note by email, in case of news related to our publications.


POD stands for Print-On-Demand.

The basic principle is an arrangement whereby books are only printed as needed. This diminishes the initial investments, as well as the need for large stocks.

An additional advantage is the possibility for books to be sent straight from the printer to the bookshop or even the end-reader. Shortening the lines helps keeping the books at affordable prices.

Distribution via the usual channels is also included in the printing services we use. Thus our publications are available from wholesale distributors and retail shops, as well as online.

Please, see the list of distribution partners (wholesale and/or retail) in the following PDF > Ordering info, listprices and distribution

This document is also available from the bookpages,
and from the dedicated section:
Publications > Private orders and >For Your Bookshop)

Can I purchase the books from my local bookshop?

Yes, titles from Maranatha House can be obtained via all the usual channels, as well as online.

When ordering from your local bookshop, make sure to have the publication details to hand, especially the ISBN. This helps to find that one particular book among the millions of titles available in the catalogues!

Sometimes a bookshop is not sure which wholesale company to contact. You can speed up the process by giving them the list of distribution-partners in the above mentioned document (PDF).

If you have any questions,
please do not hesitate to contact us!

ORDERS: Can I order directly from Maranatha House?

In principle, we can provide you with all the books published by ourselves. However, on account time and costs involved, ordering directly from us usually only makes sense for larger orders.

For more information and special offers, see the dedicated pages:
Publications > Private orders or >For Your Bookshop

Or contact us, if you have any questions or specific requirements.

NB: Please, do take note of the ordering seasons!
> see next point:

What are the time limits for direct orders?

Due to the busy season around Christmas, orders directly from the publisher have to be made well in advance. The periode before and around Easter (Pascha) we ourselves are not able to process your orders.

PLEASE, make sure we receive your request in time!
Normally, orders coming in late cannot be processed till the next ordering season.

Periods in which we can process direct orders:

- Orders received by us from 15 May till 31 October,
- or from 9 January till 9 February

Note: Our books are always available through the usual channels, or directly from the printer’s (via a retail account with Ingram/LightningSource: ingramcontent.com).

CONTACT: How to contact Maranatha House?

Our current contact details can be found on the contact page (see also the site-link at the bottom left of most pages).

For the time being, the automated site-message is not operative. You can simply contact us by email, at the address given on the contact page. Or, if you prefer, write to us by post.

Please note, that we are not continually online. In some periods, our e-post is picked up at most once a week. Hence, just like with the old post, it may take a few days before we can read and/or answer your message.

PS: To prevent automated spam, our email address is only given in an unusual shape, easy to read for people but not for the average machine!

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