BEHOLD,  the BRIDEGROOM cometh  in the middle of the night + Mesonyktikon,  cf. Mt.25

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MARANATHA HOUSE Inspiration from the Orthodox Tradition
A tiny porch online ...

Welcome on this site! - dedicated to the word of God in the context of the ancient Orthodox Christian Faith.

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With love in Christ,
* presbytera Anke

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About this site

This website is the work of an Orthodox Christian: presbytera or, if you prefer the Russian, matushka Anke Arnold-Lyklema.

For ‘the world’ a Dutch woman, married to an Englishman. These last years living in Cyprus, where her husband enjoys the blessing to serve under the omophorion of Metropolitan Athanasios of Limassol, as 'ephimerios' (assigned priest) to the holy monastery of 'Panagia Amasgou', one of the small convents here.

Through the years, especially in contact with the traditional Orthodox world and various Orthodox monasteries and monastics, the awareness deepened of the unique Treasure of the Orthodox Church. And, as mentioned also in the comments on the word Maranatha, the wish grew to share these riches.

Of course, such things are best shared in person, and a website can offer but a little glimpse - like a tiny porch online, for whoever is seeking for inspiration from the old Christian Tradition.


The ancient Christian Way
in our own days …

The ancient Christian Way is a source of joy and inspiration.

Though most of us may be no match for giants in the faith like the early martyrs, or the great desert fathers, we are all invited to enter the ‘Treasury of all that is good’.

And we have received a multitude of words from our fathers and forefathers in the Faith to show us how we can indeed do so.

Much of the material you will find here is intended to share such words.


First among those fathers in the Faith are, of course, the Apostles, who handed on to us the New Testament: the Gospel of Jesus Christ - from four different witnesses - and the Epistles, which serve as an additional aid: How to understand the Gospel, and how to live it in our own life.

But also after them, throughout the centuries, there have been people who were truly able to open for us those blessed ‘Words of Life’. That is, to show how they are still true for our own time, and how we can actually live them in our own specific situation.


One of these ‘fathers in Christ’, of our own days, is Archimandrite Zacharias. Many of his words and talks have been published already in several languages.

On this site, among other things, we present his works in Dutch translation - with gratitude to God who made it possible to share this blessing with you (see the link below).

Do you need them in English? See the alternative button below for a short list of the equivalent titles, with links to facilitate your search.


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