Please note, that not all material on this site is suitable for all uses.

In offering this site, we kindly ask you to respect the copyright of all those involved, as well as the nature of the material (see notes below).

As for sharing online, within the limits of copyright, we warmly invite you to do so, but please do take care how! See:

Copyright & appropriate usage

A few particulars

  • Many of the free PDF’s may be freely copied and shared for personal, non-commercial use. In such cases, this is noted in the PDF-document itself.
    But in general - for the sake of copyright issues - the material on this site is made available for
    your personal use only.
    In case you wish to do more with it, please do ask first!
  • Quite a number of the pictures on this website are entirely free from copyright (public domain/CC0), but not all!
    Some are used by permission, or may be restricted to specific uses. Educational use is often allowed, but possibly not commercially, and only on a small scale.
    So, again, if you wish to use such material publically,
    please ask!
  • However, even material which as such is public, or even free from copyright, is not automatically suitable for just anything!
    Think, for example, of the traditional care in the use of holy objects (and even at their disposal, when by long years of use they have been damaged beyond repair).
    Hence the request to consider also the nature of the material, when using or sharing it yourself.

A practical note on picture quality

If you are looking for images, these are best taken from the original source, even if they are entirely in the public domain.

Due to the technicalities of website design, online pictures are often downsized, which looks good on screen but often not in print, nor when very much enlarged.


Heaven and earth shall		 pass away, but MY WORDS  shall not pass away. + Mk.13:31
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