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Do not fight to expel the darkness  from the chamber of your soul.  Open a tiny aperture for light to  enter, and the darkness will  disappear. + Elder Porphyrios  (zie: Over de Schriftlezing)
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Bookmarks: “All we ...”

This series originates in a special search, when at some point the need arose for photographs of Orthodox churches from different countries.

On the one hand, that collection brought to light a wonderful variety - depending on the climate, available building materials and other local circumstances.

On the other hand, one could not but feel at home, especially as the interior would, basically, be furnished like any Orthodox church or chapel - be it richly or in all simplicity.

And the expression from St. John’s Gospel came to mind:

“And of His fulness
have all we received …” (Jn.1:16)

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Churches & Sayings

Each set of bookmarks is illustrated with photographs of Orthodox churches (exterior) arranged by theme: Greece & Cyprus, Russian churches, Monastic places, Domes & Spires, and Worldwide (1 & 2).

Moreover, every bookmark carries a saying from one of our forefathers in the faith, ranging from early Christianity to our own times.

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