And a word in due season, how good is it!  + Prov. 15:23 (KJV)
sharing with care


When designing the original website, it had seemed no more than normal to encourage readers to share with others whatever inspires them.

However, gradually it is becoming clear that the use of social media can be problematic in this respect: such network-services sometimes claim rights, especially concerning the use and distribution of information posted by users, that go far beyond what anyone would expect in normal social exchange.

Here, therefore, on the one hand the invitation - within the limits of copyright - to share with all your heart whatever inspires you on this website with your ‘friends and relations’.

But, on the other hand, hereby also the request to be careful how you handle any such material - not only on account of copyright, but also concerning subjects and/or details which may be public, but thereby not necessarily for any kind of use!


As an old poem puts it
(below also in PDF):

“If wisdom’s ways you wisely seek,
Five things observe with care.
To whom you speak,
Of whom you speak,
And how, and when, and where.”

+ Written down by Ma Ingalls,
as related by Laura Ingalls Wilder
in: ‘Little Town on the Prairie’



One way to share what inspires us, in a more direct way, is via our personal email-contacts. For that purpose, you can use the email-button provided:

  • Click the symbol above, to ‘share via email’, and allow that your email program will be opened.
  • This creates a new message which will automatically show the correct web-address (on this mobile site), to which you can add your own message.
  • Then you can send your email in the usual way.

Aside: Begging your pardon for the following reminder, but … also in this respect, it is no more than basic politeness to be careful ‘to whom, of whom, and how, and when, and where’.

* presbytera Anke

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