Words of life

Illuminated Sayings
from the Orthodox Tradition

The teaching of the Holy Fathers is often summarized in short ‘words’ for guidance on our path. Some ascetics wrote such sayings on the walls of their cell, as an encouragement in the spiritual struggle.

Inspired by these and similar practices the MH-site offers a growing collection of illustrated miniposters

- with free download in PDF for easy printing at home (private, non-commecial use).

From: Words of Life

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Let the study of Holy Scripture  and the Fathers be your food and rest … + Elder Amphilochios Makris  (AD 1889-1970)
From: The Mystery of Man
The Mystery of Man

Touching on the unique and inspiring vision of the ancient Christian faith

From: Words from Archim. Zacharias
Words: Archim. Zacharias

Inspiration from the works
of Archim. Zacharias (Zacharou)

From: On Holy Scripture
On Holy Scripture

Orthodox Tradition on reading and studying the word of God

From: Orthodox Wisdom I
Orthodox Wisdom (1)

Words from the Fathers
on a variety of subjects

From: Orthodox Wisdom II
Orthodox Wisdom (2)

A new album in
a different format,
mostly in colour

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